roaring fire in a clean wood heated fireplace

Why You Need Wood Heating Inspections

As chimneys and their components age, they go through changes that can cause them to fail.

This is caused by heat, rainwater, weathering or normal wear and tear. 

Liners get cracked, dampers rust, firebricks break and fall out, outer chimneys spall and mortar gets loose. Any of these things can cause wood heating systems to become unsafe and maybe deadly. 

The thing to remember is that these systems never stay the same, and that spotting changes before they can become a fire hazard is crucial. 

These types of inspections are what we are qualified, trained, and experienced in doing. We will always be on the side of safety. 


Safe inspections are the highest priority for us, and we do our best in making sure that your wood heating system will give you no nasty surprises. 

We'll do it right!